What's FlexshipTM?

Save money, time and space with the FlexShip™ program. Here’s how it works:

  • We work with you to determine how many boxes you’ll need in a calendar year.
  • We print your boxes and store them in our warehouse until you’re ready for a shipment.
  • Contact us when you want your boxes and we’ll ship as little as a gross at a time, mixed between the styles you need, within 48 hours.

With FlexShip™, you’ll only pay for boxes as you receive them, even though your bulk pricing is locked in all year.

Want to learn how FlexShip™ can save you money, time and space this year?

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“We have been participating in your FlexShip program since 2008. The program has really worked for us because it helps me manage my packaging inventory which in the long run helps me save money,

I no longer have to worry about running out of packaging because once my order is placed for the year all I have to do is call to have them release what I need. No long lead times or hearing we’re out of stock on my packaging at this time.

The program could not be easier with the report I get every year, it helps me to determine how many boxes of each style I used and determine what I will need for the New Year.

Great Program and I would recommend it.”

Disingers Jewelers