What is your lead time?

Most orders ship within 10 business days for printed packaging and 4 weeks for Made to Order Displays. Different times of the year will lend itself to extended or shortened lead times.

What are your minimums?

We have a $100 minimum for any order placed.

How do you ship?

Our preferred method of shipping is via UPS ground. You are able to request an expedited shipment or use your own UPS or FedEX shipping account number.

What are your foil colors?

We stock gold and silver foil, however we do carry additional colors at times, please contact customer service for the available color options.

How do I get you my artwork?

Contact your customer service or email logo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?

Our capabilities are not limited to just what you see on our website. Visit our custom branded section to start you on the road to your very own custom packaging and contact us today for more information.

What if I needed something quicker than your lead time?

We have our Quick–Ship program for printed packaging which will ship 72 pieces in 2 business days to hold you over until the balance of your order arrives.

What credit cards are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted – MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover

Do you have any promotions?

Join our Insider Club to be the first to know of all promotions and events throughout the year.

What trade shows do you attend?

We attend the Atlanta Jewelry Show in March & August as well as the JCK Show, and Select Show in September.

I am just a small start-up, can I still purchase from you?

Of Course! We welcome all customers big and small, we just have a $100 minimum.

What is your return policy?

Please contact customer service at 800-556-7390 with your return request. Any returns due to defect, incorrect order on our part or bad product will be accepted back. All Made to Order Displays, Custom Branded Packaging , or Stock Branded Packaging orders are unable to be accepted back as a return.

Do you ever back order items?

We try our very best to keep all items in stock at all times, however there may be times that we are out of stock on certain items. In the event there is a back ordered item you will be contacted by customer service on the status of the item.

How do I clean my displays?

There are a few simple rules to remember when cleaning your displays:

  1. Try to get to the dirt, stain, or soil as soon as possible. This is especially true of ballpoint pen ink.
  2. Always test the cleaning agent you select on an out-of-sight area, such as the back or bottom of a display.

Cleaning Suede
Mix a half cap-full of a cleaning detergent in cold water. Do not use a cleaning agent that contains bleach or any bluing agents. Rub the soiled area gently with a soft cotton cloth with a small circular motion, until the soil is removed. Rinse the area with clean clear cold water, and let the fabric air-dry.

Cleaning Leatherette 
The same method for cleaning suede can also be used for cleaning leatherette. Another method of cleaning leatherette material is using a common household product such as Simple Green. This is a biodegradable spray-on cleaner that you can use full strength right out of bottle, and has normally been proven safe for most fabrics.

I already have print dies made by another company, can you use them?

Unfortunately our print die machines do not allow for dies produced from other manufacturers. We do offer 1 complimentary die for first time orders over $250, which we would then keep on file for all future reorders.