Wednesday, 18 October 2017

National Get to Know Your Customer Day!

National Get to Know Your Customer Day!
We want to get to know you! Click here to tell us about you and your store, and answer some fun questions that the Presbox team has been itching to ask.
Do you love your customers? Are you wishing you knew them better and had reasons to reach out and tell them how much you care? Well if you said yes, did you know that this Friday is Get to Know Your Customer day? Well marke your calendar because it comes around four times a year, occurring on the third Thursday of every quarter, and it’s the perfect excuse to connect with your crowd and learn all about them.
This holiday is perfect for really getting to know your customers, and knowing your customers is important on so many levels. On a business level, knowing their demographics and likes and dislikes means you can better supply them with the products they’re attracted to; and market to them when, where and how it’s most convenient for them. Building a customer persona is step one in Marketing 101, and can open your eyes to ways you’ve been wasting your customer's, and your own time!
On a more personal level, it just feels good to interact with the people who trust you and your brand! Keeping up with wedding planning for the customer who just bought an engagement ring, knowing that Sheila likes sapphires over rubies so you think of her when a new piece is in the store, and in general just making connections with other delightful humans that you wouldn’t make at a desk job is one of the most fulfilling aspects of working in retail.
So this Friday, get to know your customers in clever and unique ways! Ask fun questions on social media for them to answer, start a sign in book where they fill in where they’re from and what they love about your store, strike up a conversation and ask them about their day! Don’t forget to take the opportunity to thank them for being your customer with thank you notes, discounts, candy… or whatever you can think of!

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