Tuesday, 03 October 2017

A Jewelry Retailer's Holiday Checklist

A Jewelry Retailer's Holiday Checklist
Well, it’s just about that time folks! There’s a chill in the air, the days are shorter, and any minute now the leaves will be changing. For a Jeweler, all of these are signs to get ready for the holiday shopping season! National Jewelers reported that jewelers had their best Holiday Season in years in 2016, so we want to help keep that momentum going! With some help from the Halstead Bead blog, and our very own experts here at Presbox, we proudly present: A Jewelry Retailer's Holiday Checklist! 
Decide on your deals…
  • … and upsells! Do the math and prepare your holiday discounts and deals, as well as what you’re willing to add to a big purchase for a small price. You might also drop a discount coupon in with their purchase to turn them into a repeat customer. Pick a date, then make sure you announce them on your website and social media. 
Website Refresh
  • Your customers will DEFINITELY be checking out your website to shop for their loved ones ahead of time. Get that best foot forward by sprucing up the look and feel, featuring your very best gems, and ensuring all of your information is accurate and that all of your links are working. 
  • Need a new website but don’t have the time? Companies like Squarespace offer beautiful and inexpensive website templates that are super easy to use. 
Get Social!
  • If you’re not already set up on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, it’s your moment to get with the times! Get potential customers excited for the holidays and give them gift ideas with lots of fun and beautiful pictures of your product (and while you’re at it, follow your favorite packaging pals: @presentationbox !)
Show off your Showcase
  • Take a walk on the customer side of the showcase to make sure your customers don’t see any dirt, dust etc. If you see it, scrub it! 
  • Check out your displays and decide if any need to be replaced.
  • Add some subtle, easy to change holiday decorations to fire up that festive vibe.
Plan your packaging
  • Make sure you not only have beautiful, branded boxes bags and packaging, but also make sure you have enough! There’s nothing worse than that last minute scramble after you’ve used your last box! Our team at Presentation Box are experts and love to help, or check out our FlexShip program!
  • Consider having holiday extras such as tissue, ribbons, wrapping paper and other special embellishments free of charge or for a small added fee. 
It’s the little things…
  • Supply small and fun options that customers can snag for stocking stuffers. Get creative and have fun with it! Ring pops, jewel cleaning supplies, nail polish options named after gems, gift certificates to neighboring or local businesses… let us know what you come up with in the comments!

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